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Setting up Budget Transparency and MI School Data links

Public Act 413 of 2004 (Enrolled House Bill 5475) requires each intermediate school district (ISD) to post certain information on its website by December 31 of each year.

Foxbright has implemented an unobtrusive application to use on your website, which adheres to the standards required from the state, and will link your website users to the appropriate documents and data regarding your school or organization.

MI School Data Link

To find your school specific MI School Data Link:

  1. Go to the MI School Data website and select Dashboard and Accountability Scorecard under Kindergarten and 12th Grade in the left side navigation.
  2. Select the "Edit Report" button in the upper left.
  3. Select your ISD and then select your school district in the fields provided.
  4. Select "View Results".
  5. Now that you are viewing your School District results, select the "Link to Report" option at the top.

  6. Select and Copy the URL that is provided.

Configuring the Budget Badge Settings

  1. Login as a web administrator to the Foxbright CMS.
  2. Select the Configuration tab and choose the Application Settings
  3. Select from drop down list (Categories) the Budget Badge

  4. Choose edit from the gear icon next to BudgetBadgeSchoolDataUrl.
  5. Paste in the link to the MI School Data (from above) in the Value area. Save your changes.
  6. Choose edit from the gear icon next to BudgetBadgeTransparencyUrl.
  7. Paste in the link to your page for your Transparency Reporting. Select Save.


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