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Google / iCal Calendar Integration

Many schools want to incorporate Google Calendars into their Foxbright website. You can now add a Google Calendar to your site in a similar way you add a Foxbright calendar. Once you add one of your Google Calendars it will be available for display on any page of your website.

Foxbright utilizes the iCal Feed available with Google Calendars and most 3rd party calendaring systems. After adding your calendar, Foxbright will read your events and add the events to the Foxbright system.  Foxbright will automatically re-sync your calendar periodically so that new events and changes to events will be updated.

If you use a 3rd party calendar system such as Office 365 or ScheduleStar, you can use this method to show your calendars on your Foxbright website. All you need is the iCal feed for your calendar.

Retrieving the Google iCal Address / URL

You must be the owner of the Google Calendar or have proper permissions to get the iCal Address of the calendar.

  1. Login to Google Calendars.
  2. Click the arrow to the right of the calendar you would like added to your website.
  3. Choose Calendar Settings.

  4. Scroll down to where you see Calendar Address and Private Address area. If you only see the Calendar Address, use this address.  Using this link requires that your calendar be Public.

  5. Select the ICAL button to get the Address / URL feed.

  6. Copy the address by right clicking on the link and select "Copy Link Address". You may want to save to a temporary notepad file until you need it.

Add a New Calendar in Foxbright

  1. From the Foxbright CMS Admin Panel, Select Add Calendar from the Calendars menu.
  2. Enter the Calendar Name
  3. Select External iCal Feed for the Calendar Type
  4. Paste in the iCal URL (from the step above)
    If the iCal URL box is red, these indicates that you have an invalid iCal URL. You may want to repeat Retrieving the Google iCal Address / URL  or contacting Foxbright Support.
  5. Set the ICal Sync Frequency to how frequently you want the calendar to be re-sync'd. Select Daily or Hourly if you are not sure.

  6. Select the Save button.  The system will read the events and create a copy of the events in Foxbright.

Check Events

 You can see if your events were properly read and copied to Foxbright by following these steps:

  1. Select List Events from the Calendar Menu.

  2. Filter the events to the calendar that you just sync'd by selecting your calendar name.

  3. Your events should be displayed in the list.  If they are not, please contact Foxbright Support.

 Manual Re-Sync of Calendar

If you need your calendar to be updated immediately, you can manually re-sync your events. 

  1. Select Manage Calendars from the Calendar Menu options.

  2. You will see a list of Calendars. From this list, you can check the box next to your calendar or select multiple calendars.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Sync iCal Events and then the “Go” button.

  4. The Selected Calendars will be sync’d.



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